NFS problems!

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Oct 4 06:35:25 PDT 2006

Anders Troback <freebsd at> writes:

> I'm having some problems with NFS lately!
> NFS server FreeBSD 6.1-RELESE
> I'm using NFS to serve /home via amd but sometimes programs hangs and
> not even kill -9 will work. I have to restart rpc.lockd, rpc.statd and
> nfsd to get rid of the programs! If one program hangs many will follow
> and some will not start. Programs like Citrix Client Manager
> (wfcmgr), konqueror, konsole and gftp are all examples on programs that
> don't start. Sins 6.2-PRERELEASE sometimes wfcmgr don't start even if
> there are no programs hanging!
> This problem first occurred in 6.1-STABLE but disappear in 6.1-RELEASE
> and since 6.1-RELEASE-p4 (not 100% sure if it was p4 or p5) it's back!
> Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?

There have been some discussions of locking problems; see the -net
list.  In this case, though, I would tend to go with a soft mount
anyway, which might reduce the symptoms considerably.

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