NFS problems!

Anders Troback freebsd at
Mon Oct 2 13:08:11 PDT 2006


I'm having some problems with NFS lately!

NFS server FreeBSD 6.1-RELESE

I'm using NFS to serve /home via amd but sometimes programs hangs and
not even kill -9 will work. I have to restart rpc.lockd, rpc.statd and
nfsd to get rid of the programs! If one program hangs many will follow
and some will not start. Programs like Citrix Client Manager
(wfcmgr), konqueror, konsole and gftp are all examples on programs that
don't start. Sins 6.2-PRERELEASE sometimes wfcmgr don't start even if
there are no programs hanging!

This problem first occurred in 6.1-STABLE but disappear in 6.1-RELEASE
and since 6.1-RELEASE-p4 (not 100% sure if it was p4 or p5) it's back!

Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?


Anders Trobäck

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Anders Trobäck

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