how to block rj45 sockets.

Marwan Sultan dead_line at
Tue Oct 3 12:32:14 PDT 2006


Thank you all for your advices, I would go ahead and look for "managed" 
switches :)
Belkin was a mistake,

Thank you again

> > >Get real switching hardware to replace those Belkins.  Cisco and other
> > >switches will allow you to enable/disable ports on demand.
> >
> > Do you recommend any good switch product and model number which has port
> > enable.disable
> > feature ? other than cisco, in a good price?
> > Cisco is litl  bit expensive specially im talking about 24 switch each, 
> > ports!!
>Don't top-post.
>There are a number of vendors who sell "managed" switches.  I don't
>recommend any of them.  I think Cisco is worth the extra money.
>However, most manufactures who sell switches have a line of "managed"
>switches.  I don't recommend Dells, but they do exist.  3Com has them --
>just about anyone who's serious about selling networking equipment
>has them.
>Bill Moran
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