need help with ppp

Peter A. Giessel pgiessel at
Tue Oct 3 09:00:39 PDT 2006

On 2006/10/03 3:55, KHOO Guan_Chen seems to have typed:
> Local>
>   I have tried to enter things like "ppp", "~ppp" "cppp" ">ppp" after 
> the (Local>) in my chat_script
> but  no go. In minicom, I see that they sometimes drop me into a 
> shell to which I can only exit,

Somewhere over a decade ago, I had a similar ISP, and we used
"start ppp" or "ppp start" if I recall correctly.  This was more than
a decade ago, so I could be completely wrong, but you could try that.

You could also try BSD's ppp dameon:
which is similar to MacOS X's, so it may just work....

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