need help with ppp

Nikos Vassiliadis nvass at
Tue Oct 3 06:56:51 PDT 2006

On Tuesday 03 October 2006 14:55, KHOO Guan_Chen wrote:
> Sorry for using up bandwidth.
> I cannot connect to my ISP with FreeBSD (6.0). The ISP is not using
> PAP/CHAP in my case, but apparently something very old. Using minicom
> I can see that
> 1. my modem is connected to /dev/cuad0
> 2. after i dailled the ISP, they put me through a login. password and
> a local phase ie.after atdt<ISP phone_nbr> \r, I see:-
> connect 115200
> Login: <my user_id> \r
> Password: <my_password> \r
> Local>
>   I have tried to enter things like "ppp", "~ppp" "cppp" ">ppp" after
> the (Local>) in my chat_script
> but  no go. In minicom, I see that they sometimes drop me into a
> shell to which I can only exit,

I think that some network access servers work in both "unix login"
and ppp mode. They enter "unix login" mode after some time of
inactivity. I also recall that they tend to timeout really quickly. Did
you try to use plain ppp?

> Could someone give me a few more hints or the correct string to enter?
> please.
> Oh my ISP help is no use. They replied to my request with sorry we
> cannot help you (because)
> "We at Technical Helpdesk are trained to support Windows and Mac
> based platforms. Your kind understanding is greatly appreciated." ARRRRRRGH
>  !!

I also think that if special settings were required, your ISP's helpdesk would
know. Just don't use any scary words like FreeBSD...

Try a plain ppp first

HTH, Nikos

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