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Mon Oct 2 18:53:32 PDT 2006

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> Dear All,
> I am seeking the way how to implement FreeBSD+LDAP+Samba to build a file server for medium size business which will serv up to 60 concurrent users.
> But the issue is, how we get it all in one package? and join all windows clients into Samba Domain? I hope someone can help me up with this.

Over the summer I implimented this exact setup, an MS Windows domain
without any MS Windows servers, for a company of about 1000 users.
There are some pretty serious draw-backs to not using MS Win 2003 as
your domain controller, but with the right tools you can get pretty
close; and the advantages of not using MS Windows make up the rest of
the difference.

Check out the how-to documents posted by others, if you have any
specific questions let me know, I may be able to help. ( I
didn't/don't use Kerberose, yet.)

P.S. This is not an easy thing to set up. I'm not aware of any "easy"
ldap servers so you are probably going to end up doing a lot of
development work on your ldap schema, importing users, and setting up
your local directory before you even look at samba. I spent about four
months on my system and I had a working, although very badly
constructed, system to start from.

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