SWAP priority

Chuck Swiger cswiger at mac.com
Mon Oct 2 06:14:57 PDT 2006

Bob wrote:
> It became obvious after a short while, that I had too little physical memory 
> (1GB), and I was using swap often. While swapping, things slowed down. So, I 
> added an additional 1GB of swap space (via swap file) on the secondary file 
> system. I did this as per the manual.
> I now have more swap; my question is this: How can I tell the OS to use the 
> new swap file BEFORE using the old one? Is there a way to tell the system to 
> prioritize the use of multiple swaps?

The swap system knows how to interleave data between the additional swap areas 
relatively efficiently, but if your current workload is so demanding that you 
need to use more than 2GB of swapspace on a machine with 1GB of RAM, you 
should add more RAM, not more swapspace....


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