SWAP priority

Bob bob at tania.servebbs.org
Sun Oct 1 21:49:27 PDT 2006


OK, I have 2 swaps, one on the  main raid (4 20GB hot-swap drives) 1/0 and 
another on the secondary (2 20GB hot-swap drives) raid 1. All hardware raid 
via dell PERC2 Controllers.  This is on my personal work-station, which I am 
now using multi-tasking more then I have ever done.

When I first installed the system I allocated SWAP as a seperate partition on 
the main (logical) drive equal to 2X my phisical memory.

It became obvious after a short while, that I had too little physical memory 
(1GB), and I was using swap often. While swapping, things slowed down. So, I 
added an additional 1GB of swap space (via swap file) on the secondary file 
system. I did this as per the manual.

I now have more swap; my question is this: How can I tell the OS to use the 
new swap file BEFORE using the old one? Is there a way to tell the system to 
prioritize the use of multiple swaps?

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