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Bill Moran wmoran at
Tue Jun 27 12:48:05 UTC 2006

In response to Eric <heli at>:

> hello,
> i have bacula set up and its working great, but i haven't been able to
> figure out how to clear out the 'Terminated jobs' list. I thought
> dropping the tables and recreating them would do the trick, but it did
> not. I deleted the state files, restarted the daemons, etc.
> does anyone know where those records live? if its the state files, ill
> kill the daemons, delete, then restart and see if that makes things go
> away.  perhaps this was my error

They're in the database.  It would seem as if you dropped/recreated the
wrong database.

For general/ongoing maintenance, Bacula will automagically clear out those
terminated jobs when they reach their retention time, assuming autoprune
is enabled.  Occasionally, messing about with the configuration will cause
Bacula to end up with jobs, files, etc that it can't prune because it
no longer has configuration information on how to prune them.  In that
case, run Bacula's dbcheck program to clean those up.

If you continue to have trouble, I recommend subscribing to the bacula-users
mailing list and asking future questions there.  They're a pretty helpful

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.

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