Regarding Fujitsu Siemens Primergy RX220 AMD64.

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Mon Jun 26 13:23:41 UTC 2006

Mattias Björk <mattias.bjork at> writes:

> Hi List members,
> Have recently acquired me an "Fujitsu Siemens Primergy RX220 AMD64".
> Everything works fine except one thing, the build in dual broadcom
> 5780 NIC. I see that 6.1 does not support that hardware according to
> I thought that freebsd-questions at was a better choice of
> sending the mail to than amd64 at But I might be wrong here.
> Anyhow I have two questions more or less:
> Has anybody succeed in getting it to work and do you have a patch for
> it? (Should I try out stable branch instead of 6.1 Release?)
> I everything else fails could you recommend a NIC that works with
> FreeBSD and is dual Gigabit. Im thinking of an "Intel Pro/1000 MT DP
> Server" or "Intel Pro/1000PT Dual Port Server Adapter PCI-E" how ever
> the later I could not find on
> But if you check it up on Intel's homepage it mentions that FreeBSD is
> support but that is rater vague description on with arch its supported
> on. (If I'm not missing something that is)
> Hopefully support for the broadcom 5780-chipset is right around the corner.

The CPU architecture shouldn't make any difference for these adapters,
so don't worry too much about that.  

The 5780 support doesn't look like it should be that hard; PR 68351
seems to have just gotten some patches that may do it.  NetBSD's
support should be easy to port in any case.

The Intel Pro/1000PT has an 82572 controller.  That is supported by
the em device, so you should be fine with that.  The other Intel card
you mention I think is in the same driver as well.

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