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   Subject: Upgrade to Norton AntiVirus 2006 Today!

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   Do you have the latest protection features?

   Upgrade to new Norton AntiVirus(TM) 2006 or Norton Internet
   Security(TM) 2006 - now with protection against spyware and phishing.

   Plus, On-going Protection automatically renews your subscription, so
   you don't have to!**

                        UPGRADE Your Protection Now 


                         EXPAND Your Protection Now

   Norton AntiVirus^(TM) 2006 
   Stay protected with the world's most trusted antivirus software/-

                             Now Only $39.99* 

                        [001_button.gif] [4]Buy Now 

   NEW 2006 Features
     * Automatically detects and blocks high-risk spyware and adware
     * Now includes 12 months of protection updates and new product
       features as available throughout the year.*
     * On-going Protection automatically renews your subscription.**
     * Detects and removes dangerous spyware, keystroke loggers, and
       other unwanted monitoring software.
     * For Windows XP/2000 only.* If you are using Windows 98 or Me,
       please [5]click here.

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   Norton Internet Security^(TM) 2006 
   Advanced protection from spyware, viruses, hackers and spam/-

                          Was [DEL: $69.99 :DEL] 
                              Now Only $49.99*
                              Save up to $20*

                        [001_button.gif] [8]Buy Now 

   Key Features
     * Includes Norton AntiVirus 2006, PLUS: Norton(TM) Personal
       Firewall, Norton(TM) Privacy Control, Norton AntiSpam(TM) and
       Norton(TM) Parental Control
     * On-going Protection automatically renews your subscription.**
     * Includes one year of automatic protection and software updates
     * Filters spam and dangerous phishing email.
     * Blocks intruders and identifies thieves.
     * For Windows XP/2000 only.* If you are using Windows 98 or Me,
       please [9]click here.

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   Protect Yourself From The Latest Threats



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     * Plus shipping if applicable. Valid in the US only. Savings based
   upon estimated retail price. Offer expires 4/30/06. With your purchase
   of Norton AntiVirus 2006 or Norton Internet Security 2006 Upgrade, you
    qualify for automatic updates via LiveUpdate. Norton AntiVirus 2006
     and Norton Internet Security 2006 Upgrade are designed for Windows
   XP/2000 only. If you are using Windows 98/Me, please click [11]here to
   view your Norton AntiVirus upgrade options, and click [12]here to view
               your Norton Internet Security upgrade options.

     **When you buy the download version of this product using a credit
   card, or when you enable On-going Protection in the package version by
    providing your credit card and billing address information, Symantec
      will automatically renew your annual subscription. Symantec will
   notify you by email prior to expiration of your current subscription.
        Do nothing, and the regular subscription renewal price (plus
   applicable tax) will automatically be charged to your credit card. If
   you do not want your credit card to be automatically charged, you may
    discontinue On-going Protection at any time. Your order confirmation
       email will include the instructions for how to cancel On-going
         Protection. If you discontinue On-going Protection, annual
                   are available for subsequent renewal.

    /- Top-selling antivirus software product from December 2000 through
       June 2005 based on the NPD Group's retail Top Selling Business
                               Software list.

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