CMOTech Maxon 5500C

John Andrewartha mulgajohn at
Mon Jun 26 00:40:29 UTC 2006

Thanks for the support,
I have finaly solved the problem.
below is the solution.
How to:

Subject Maxon/CMoTech CDMA Modem
Model: MM 5500C
Seller Telstra Australia.

The device is  a 3G pccard that allows data over the CDMA EVO network. 
Portable Internet.

This device reports as being on the USB Bus and is hidden in a single shell. 
See usbdevs ..

This device is not currently supported in FreeBSD.
To add support add the following to 
vendor CMOTECH		0x16d8	CMOTECH CO., LTD.
product	CMOTECH CDMA		0x5523	CMOTECH CDMA Technologies USB modem



Rebuild the kernel and dependency's.
Note:  The device has to be run on a DOS Box using the supplied software from 
Telstra before using it with FreeBSD.
You also have to load ucom and umodem, these must be done at boot, either 
from /boot/defalts/* or in the kernel.

The above is not my own work, I was able to extract the information from the 
mail archive.
Parts of this fix are from OpenBSD notably the ppp script.



# Config file for Telstra/ Maxon  CMOTECH MM5500C
# John Andrewartha
# Greensleeves

	set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command

	set device /dev/cuaU0
	set speed 230400
	set dial "ABORT BUSY \"\" AT+CRM=150 OK ATDT#777 CONNECT"
	set timeout 0
	set ctsrts off
	enable dns
	add default HISADDR
	set authname "username at"
	set authkey "*********"
	set ifaddr 0.0.0

Regards John

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