gvinum question: why are subdisks not attached?

Travis H. solinym at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 00:39:58 UTC 2006


I finally resolved the source of my gvinum problems.  Every time I
reboot, the plexes and volumes come up attached to one another, but
both are size zero and the subdisks exist but are not attached.  Has
anyone a guess about the source of this problem?

Also, as an aside, I can add the subdisks manually, but I can't do it
in one reboot; the plexes and volumes are attached, and I cannot
detach or remove them.  I have to first remove all the subdisks and
then reboot, then remove the volumes and plexes, and then reload the

I should mention I've already had data loss thanks to this.  I'm not
really happy with gvinum and if there isn't a simple solution to this
I'm going to go back to regular partitions and recommend that everyone
else I know running FreeBSD do the same until it is more functional.
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