Serial Communication

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Sat Jun 24 20:08:04 UTC 2006

stty  speed 2400 -hup cs8 -parenb -clocal  -f /dev/ttyd0
cat dload.txt > /dev/ttyd0

also the scanner must assert DTR when it's turned on.


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> I have an old TCL/TK Script That I wrote several years ago that sends
> data out of a serial port into a Radio Shack Pro-64 scanner. The program
> basically programs the scanner with frequencies to listen to.
> I cant figure out how to make it work in FreeBSD. The port must be
> configured as follows
> COM1: 2400, 8, N, 1
> The actual snippet of code that writes out to the port looks like this:
> cat dload.txt > /dev/prd64
> where /dev/pro64 was a device (com port configured as above)I had
> created (somehow) for the linux box I had at the time.
> The handbook reading did not provide enough detail for me to get the
> port configured and working. The port does not need anything to be
> recognized coming in since the operation is outbound only. Software or
> scanner cannot read the port anyway.
> Can anyone give me a primer or some help to get going?
> Thank You.
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