Serial Communication

Bryan bc3910 at
Sat Jun 24 19:53:18 UTC 2006

I have an old TCL/TK Script That I wrote several years ago that sends 
data out of a serial port into a Radio Shack Pro-64 scanner. The program 
basically programs the scanner with frequencies to listen to.

I cant figure out how to make it work in FreeBSD. The port must be 
configured as follows

COM1: 2400, 8, N, 1

The actual snippet of code that writes out to the port looks like this:

cat dload.txt > /dev/prd64

where /dev/pro64 was a device (com port configured as above)I had 
created (somehow) for the linux box I had at the time.

The handbook reading did not provide enough detail for me to get the 
port configured and working. The port does not need anything to be 
recognized coming in since the operation is outbound only. Software or 
scanner cannot read the port anyway.

Can anyone give me a primer or some help to get going?

Thank You.

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