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Hunter Fuller hackmiester at
Sat Jun 24 02:10:41 UTC 2006

On  23 Jun 2006, at 10:12 PM, NgD Vulto wrote:

> Hello, I have a usb (bus?) mouse and sometimes when I start my  
> freebsd it
> doesn't work, I used to reboot before and just after rebooting it was
> working pretty well...but now I found out that when it happens all  
> i have to
> do is to unplug it and plug it again and it is detected.
> I use linux also, and I have never experienced it there, so...I  
> just would
> like to know if there is a command line to restart the mouse  
> device, I am
> sure it would detect.
> like usbmouse restart
> restarting usb device...
> You know what I mean?
Yeah, I do. But I think the issue might be in your bios.

See, some BIOSes have an option that makes your USB mouse or keyboard  
appear as a PS/2 device to the operating system so it can be used in  
older operating systems without USB support. So, FBSD is seeing your  
mouse as a PS/2 device, and it's not configured for it to work like  
that., until you unplug and replug it. Then it gets handled by FBSD  
as an USB device and therefore works.

So... open your bios config (reboot and it should say something like  
"hit F1 to enter setup", if it doesn't, try tapping F1, F12, Delete,  
Tab on startup). Look for something called "Legacy Emulation". Mine's  
called "Legacy Keyboard Emulation", but it handles the mouse too. You  
need to switch that off.
> xorgcfg didn't help, it is more like freebsd doesn't feel the mouse is
> there, it doesn't work at shell also, when it wants not to work.
> But after rebooting once/or just unplug/plug it again it works,  
> kinda crazy
> ain't that?
> I repeat, there's nothing wrong with my hardware, it works pretty  
> well at
> other platforms, I just need the command line to do what the system  
> do when
> I plug it back to detect it.
> Thanks.
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