Mouse Restart

NgD Vulto hugo.ngd at
Fri Jun 23 22:12:30 UTC 2006

Hello, I have a usb (bus?) mouse and sometimes when I start my freebsd it
doesn't work, I used to reboot before and just after rebooting it was
working pretty well...but now I found out that when it happens all i have to
do is to unplug it and plug it again and it is detected.

I use linux also, and I have never experienced it there, so...I just would
like to know if there is a command line to restart the mouse device, I am
sure it would detect.

like usbmouse restart

restarting usb device...

You know what I mean?

xorgcfg didn't help, it is more like freebsd doesn't feel the mouse is
there, it doesn't work at shell also, when it wants not to work.

But after rebooting once/or just unplug/plug it again it works, kinda crazy
ain't that?

I repeat, there's nothing wrong with my hardware, it works pretty well at
other platforms, I just need the command line to do what the system do when
I plug it back to detect it.


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