Installing FreeBSD 4.9 on a Windows/XP Professional system.

Walt Haynes whaynes53 at
Fri Jun 23 19:17:19 UTC 2006

	Good afternoon. I have a Compaq SR1810NX with a 100GB hard drive
split into four equal partitions of 23GB. Two are initialized (one with
Windows/XP (C) and the other with a quick format (G)); the file systems
are NTFS. The other two partitions (D and E) are uninitialized. I have
FreeBSD 4.9 on three CD'S that I'd like to install into one of the
uninitialized partitions. Can you tell me what I need to do for
preinstallation and what do I need to know to direct my installation to
one of the uninitialized partitions? I'm going to give the entire 23GB
to FreeBSD. Thank you in advance for your assistance. I'm very anxious
to learn UNIX system administration and all of the related tasks (shell
programming, security administration, etc.).  

	Walt Haynes

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