Any generic (non-wm-specific) audio players?

Jim Stapleton stapleton.41 at
Fri Jun 23 02:28:58 UTC 2006

I know xmms does a few stream formats (like MP3), and can probably
handle most as it is plugin based. I use it as my main audio player in
BSD/Linux as I like the interface most. It's a faitful winamp clone,
which as my first music player that stuck.

Anyway, the "sterio" looking controls do what they would on a remote
control, there is a playlist (PL in the main window) that is drag and
drop,  with some labled buttons that should be relatively navigatable
(add files/directories/etc). For a lot of configuration, right click
on a couple of non interface areas until you see a menu with
options->preferences come out.

-Jim Stapleton

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