Serious breach of copyright -- First post

Brett thisdayislong at
Wed Jun 21 03:27:01 UTC 2006

On 6/20/06, Danial Thom <danial_thom at> wrote:
> User manuals and how-tos don't generally get
> copyright notices, because there is nothing
> creative about it. Someone could write exactly
> the same thing (just about), and you'd have
> little claim to it because its just a procedural
> description. What, is the formatting of your
> index unique or something?

Not at all.  The entire procedure is unique.  That's why
it's helpful to others, hopefully.

Check out the FreeBSD handbook.  It's full of copyright notices.
I don't think someone's going to come out with a FreeBSD handbook
without images and claim that they wrote it, and then get away with it.
And even then, the copyright notice is just a formality.

> But that aside, I was more amused by the subject
> "serious breach of copyright", as if someone had
> taken your claim for writing War and Peace or
> something. They didn't even explicitly put a
> byline on it. Its just a how-to on a web page.
> And where are the credits for all of the how-tos
> you read to gain this knowledge? Why doesn't
> their work count? You should have a full
> bibliography. After all, credit is important!
> Like I said, who cares.
> DT
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