Serious breach of copyright -- First post

Danial Thom danial_thom at
Wed Jun 21 00:29:59 UTC 2006

--- Brett <thisdayislong at> wrote:

> On 6/19/06, Christopher Weldon
> <cweldon at> wrote:
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> >
> > Brett wrote:
> > > Obviously, you have never spent days trying
> out a relatively
> > > undocumented procedure, finally getting it
> right, and then decided to
> > > help others out by writing a howto
> document.  I am perfectly happy
> > > that Ingrid decided to host this document
> on her site, but credit was
> > > due.  Some people do care about the stuff
> they create.
> > >
> > > Try writing something of value, and maybe
> then you'll be qualified to
> > > talk about copyright.
> > >
> > >
> >
> > True to the fact that credit was due, I think
> most everyone on this list
> > has written at least 1 report (or many more)
> or created some form of
> > work sometime in their lives incumbent of
> deserving copyright
> > recognition. So, flaunting that someone is
> not qualified to talk about
> > copyright is most certainly inadequate.
> Danial's comment, which was nothing short of,
> "who cares who wrote
> that stupid article", was insulting and still
> more inadequate.

User manuals and how-tos don't generally get
copyright notices, because there is nothing
creative about it. Someone could write exactly
the same thing (just about), and you'd have
little claim to it because its just a procedural
description. What, is the formatting of your
index unique or something? 

But that aside, I was more amused by the subject
"serious breach of copyright", as if someone had
taken your claim for writing War and Peace or
something. They didn't even explicitly put a
byline on it. Its just a how-to on a web page. 

And where are the credits for all of the how-tos
you read to gain this knowledge? Why doesn't
their work count? You should have a full
bibliography. After all, credit is important!

Like I said, who cares.


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