GEOM issue -- making changes to slices/partitions on used disk

John Fox jjf at
Tue Jun 20 16:38:48 UTC 2006

This happened on a FreeBSD 6.0 machine.

Installed a SCSI drive on the machine -- drive had been used
for testing previously and had an ext2 FS on it.  I was able
to use the sysinstall fdisk utility to remove the ext2fs
partition and create a FreeBSD slice that utilized the entire

Then I loaded up the sysinstall disklabel utility, setup
my partitions and when I went to write my changes, recieved
an error about being unable to mount these new partitions --
said mount point did not exist.

I decided I'd just try it again, so I exited sysinstall and
restarted it.  In the disklabel tool, I added only a swap
partition.  Swap partition was created without a problem.

Exited sysinstall, restarted it to add the other new
partitions.  I could not write anything, however, as
whenever I attempted to do so, I got the error message
"ERROR: Unable to write data to disk da1".

I decided I'd remove the slice and start fresh, however
when I attempted to write this change, I again got an
error message stating that data could not be written.

At this point I did some research, and it seems that the
issue is related to GEOM not allowing alteration of 
MBR/slices/partitions on used devices, and that the solution
is to set sysctl knob kern.geom.debugflags=16 
(Found it on this thread:

Also on this thread is a word of caution, stating that use
of this sysctl knob has been known to result in dev entries
getting confused and blowing away the wrong partition -- which
would obviously be quite undesirable.

This seems like a rather clunky solution, and the posts in the
cited thread are two years old, so I am wondering if there's
another way to go now, or if the bugs are now worked out and
it's safe to use this sysctl knob.

One more thing to note: the posts in the thread mention 5.x
specifically, but the behavior certainly seems to match that
encountered on my 6.0 box.

Any thoughts or input are quite appreciated!

Thank you,

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