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On Jun 19, 2006, at 11:35 PM, Michael Collette wrote:

> Bit of a dilemma here with my primary desktop machine suddenly up  
> and dieing on me.  I'm now in the market to slap together a new PC
> I've started with looking at picking up an AMD64 based system.   
> After Googling around for a while I still have some concerns I  
> haven't been able to address.  Probably just not looking the right  
> places.
> Mostly I'm worried about some of the proprietary stuff like Flash,  
> Acrobat, nVidia Drivers, Java, and the like not working.
> Is anyone out there actively using the AMD64 processor as a desktop  
> machine?  Are any of these 32-bit apps going to prove to be a show  
> stopper for me?
> The alternative appears to be the P4 with all the motherboards I've  
> seen using audio devices that aren't supported.  Still, I'd rather  
> buy an old sound card and have all the software at least  
> functional.  Any advice out there?

You can always run the 32bit i386 version on the AMD motherboard if  
you find out that the above stuff doesn't work so well.  I don't use  
FreeBSD as a desktop so I cannot comment on that part but amd64  
issues with flash etc does not mean you have to buy a P4 or other  
Intel chip based system.


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