deployment considerations between STABLE and RELENG

Mikhail Goriachev mikhailg at
Mon Jun 19 13:19:52 UTC 2006

Jonathan Horne wrote:
> its been a while since i have come to the point where i can cvsup and 
> buildworld my systems without making any mistakes.  but, at this point, so 
> far, i only buildworld up to STABLE.  i do have one dev system that 
> yesterday, i finally did a buildworld to RELENG.
> as i understand it, STABLE contains all security/bug fixes, as well as all 
> enhancements to other applications as they have been developed.  and that 
> RELENG contains only security and bugfixes.  have i gathered my information 
> correctly?

Yes you have. You might want to read the following article:

> im interested in polling the users of this list (who frequently buildworld on 
> their systems), what situations (deployments) STABLE is for, and the same for 

Personally, for me, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I only follow
errata branches. If you can't afford any down time then don't do it. If
you are willing to play around and go off-line for the weekend then go
for it. Everything depends on how mission critical your servers are. I
still have a few 5.3 boxes cranking around. They've served me well,
hence I don't see any necessity upgrading them, yet.


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