deployment considerations between STABLE and RELENG

Jonathan Horne jhorne at
Sun Jun 18 13:54:31 UTC 2006

its been a while since i have come to the point where i can cvsup and 
buildworld my systems without making any mistakes.  but, at this point, so 
far, i only buildworld up to STABLE.  i do have one dev system that 
yesterday, i finally did a buildworld to RELENG.

as i understand it, STABLE contains all security/bug fixes, as well as all 
enhancements to other applications as they have been developed.  and that 
RELENG contains only security and bugfixes.  have i gathered my information 

im interested in polling the users of this list (who frequently buildworld on 
their systems), what situations (deployments) STABLE is for, and the same for 


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