Please help - adaptec 2820sa not allowing installation

John Kozubik john at
Mon Jun 19 00:49:25 UTC 2006

On Mon, 19 Jun 2006, Jahilliya wrote:

> Try hitting scroll lock and then page up to view the dmesg or go to
> the emergency console and run dmesg to see if it picked up any aac
> devices. You may need to load the module yourself, you should be able
> to do this from the emergency console (not sure tho).
> I've steered clear of the *20SA series of cards from Adaptec (mainly
> buying the 2410SA) for the two facts, SATA2 isn't listed anywhere on
> the hardware list and only the xx10SA series SATA cards are listed.

Yes, that's a good point - which is why I was very cautious and made
doubly sure to ask very clearly on this mailing list "can I install
freebsd 6.1 on a 2820sa even though it is not in the HCL" and I was
assured that the answer was yes.

So you are saying you think that the 6.1-RELEASE iso does not have aac
built into it ?  After 4-5 years of it being in every install media, even
floppies, you think it suddenly is just not there anymore ?  I find that
difficult to believe...

I'll check the dmesg in scroll lock to be sure, but I am pretty sure it
comes up with nothing aac-related.

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