ripping "enhanced" audio CDs

Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Fri Jun 16 17:02:37 UTC 2006

Mac Newbold wrote:

> Yesterday at 4:23pm, Mac Newbold said:
>> Today at 2:55pm, Mikhail Goriachev said:
>>>> Jun 14 11:27:21 mybox kernel: acd0: FAILURE - READ_CD HARDWARE ERROR
>>>> asc=0x08 ascq=0x01 error=0
>>>> Jun 14 11:27:21 mybox kernel: acd0: FAILURE - READ_CD ILLEGAL REQUEST
>>>> asc=0x64 ascq=0x00 error=0
>>>> Jun 14 11:27:22 mybox last message repeated 11 times
>> I am pretty sure this isn't an anti-piracy feature. It happens to me 
>> with _any_ "enhanced CD" (audio+data mixed CD), and _only_ on 
>> enhanced CDs. Never has it happened to me on any non-enhanced audio 
>> CD. My problem is not with the inability to get the data off, that 
>> doesn't seem to be a real issue. The problem is with the crashing of 
>> the computer.
>> Why should _any_ data read from a removable disk of any kind be 
>> causing FreeBSD to crash by the mere act of attempting to read it 
>> from the disk? The device is reporting a failure, but why isn't the 
>> OS handling that failure gracefully?
>> If I'm asking the wrong list, and should be asking 
>> hackers at or some list related to multimedia, please let me 
>> know.
> Thanks to everyone who has contributed answers to this thread. (BTW, 
> it is helpful if you keep me cc'd in your replies, since I'm not on 
> the list itself and only see responses when I go check the archive.)
> To answer some of the questions that came up:
> 1. It never happens on any plain/normal/non-enhanced audio CD I've 
> tried, which I'm quite sure might include some that are "copy 
> protected" or have some kind of DRM in place.
> 2. None of them have said anything about being non-functional or 
> limited with certain computer players or operating systems that I have 
> noticed.
> If we can, I'd like to take this discussion in a slightly different 
> direction. Let's change our thinking by making the following assumptions:
> A. It is not a DRM or copy protection scheme causing the errors.
> B. Since it happens on every "enhanced" CD (i.e. one containing audio 
> tracks and a data track meant to be read on a computer) that I've been 
> able to try, but not on any non-enhanced CDs, of which I've tested 
> many hundreds, let's assume it is related to the fact that it is 
> enhanced.
> By combining assumption A and assumption B, I'm led to the conclusion 
> that there is something about Enhanced CDs that is causing FreeBSD to 
> get unrecoverable errors that lead inevitably to a system crash. 
> Namely, it generates "READ_CD Hardware Error" messages, followed by a 
> series of "READ_CD Illegal Request" messages immediately prior to the 
> crash.
> Does anyone have some ideas (other than copy protection or DRM) on why 
> this might be happening or what might be done to solve the problem?
> Does anyone have some ideas of other places or lists where I might ask 
> a similar question and be more likely to get closer to solving the 
> problem?
> Thanks again,
> Mac

Ok then... what is the CD drive and model?

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