ripping "enhanced" audio CDs

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Thu Jun 15 13:59:47 UTC 2006

Mikhail Goriachev <mikhailg at> wrote:

> Fabian Keil wrote:
> >> This is an anti-piracy feature included on some discs. Nowadays
> >> there are more and more protected discs around. Some of them even
> >> crash computers when loading. How silly is that? Programs like
> >> CloneCD can handle such things on Windows boxes. That is what I
> >> use after having long frustrated sessions with open-source tools.
> > 
> > Can you name a few discs that crashed your system?
> > I copied quite a bit non standard discs with cdda2wav
> > on FreeBSD and never saw a single crash.
> Probably I should have been more specific with "crashing computers".
> Personally, I haven't come across such discs. There was some issue
> with Sony's discs a few years ago doing some serious damage to iMacs.
> There are also many discs with a "will not play on pc/mac" warning or
> similar and apparently they cause havoc as well. Obviously effects
> vary depending on OSes.

Usually "will not play on pc/mac" only means "will not play on pc/mac
if the system is misconfigured or the user was stupid enough to
install our broken drivers".

If the disc can be played in some CD players, there
shouldn't be a problem copying the audio tracks either.

Most of the time computer drives have better
error correction than CD players, rereading
some sectors isn't an issue and after copying you
even get better disc. 

Copy (without the data track):

My CD player wasn't able to properly play the original version,
but the copy played just fine.

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