ripping "enhanced" audio CDs

Mikhail Goriachev mikhailg at
Thu Jun 15 12:18:33 UTC 2006

Fabian Keil wrote:
>> This is an anti-piracy feature included on some discs. Nowadays there
>> are more and more protected discs around. Some of them even crash
>> computers when loading. How silly is that? Programs like CloneCD can
>> handle such things on Windows boxes. That is what I use after having
>> long frustrated sessions with open-source tools.
> Can you name a few discs that crashed your system?
> I copied quite a bit non standard discs with cdda2wav
> on FreeBSD and never saw a single crash.

Probably I should have been more specific with "crashing computers".
Personally, I haven't come across such discs. There was some issue with
Sony's discs a few years ago doing some serious damage to iMacs. There
are also many discs with a "will not play on pc/mac" warning or similar
and apparently they cause havoc as well. Obviously effects vary
depending on OSes.


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