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Christopher Sean Hilton chris at vindaloo.com
Wed Jun 14 17:15:34 UTC 2006


I have a Handspring Treo 600 and a program called Wmodem which allows
you to access the wireless modem on the phone and establish a ppp
connection. I've used this since FreeBSD 4.x with serial cable. With 5
I was able to use this with the USB cable. On 6.0 I'm back to using
just the serial cable. The error message that I get is:

     ucom0: open bulk in error (addr 128): BAD_ADDRESS

In the long run it's not as important to solve that problem since my
Treo 600 will probably fail in the next year or two and then I will be
forced to upgrade. Is anyone using the Treo 650 or Treo 700 with
FreeBSD and if so are you able to sync these devices via USB. As an
alternative to usb does anyone have a USB IR dongle that they
recommend? I have a sigmatel but it's not supported by FreeBSD, it's
NetBSD only. Lastly I can see that I'm going to have to face the day
when I cannot use my phone as a wireless internet access device. Does
anyone have experience with the wireless data services that are
offered in the US from Verizon and Sprint? These are the services
where you get a pccard that connects and sends data to the cell
provider's 3G network. If anyone's got one of these working on FreeBSD
or even Linux I'd love to hear about it.


-- Chris

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