qmail and hostnames

insane insane at siol.com
Mon Jun 12 14:50:51 UTC 2006



I have one problem:


I dont know how to correctly configure qmail's hostnames, about primary
domain for mail server (uclmd.net).


I have router, whos got internal ( and external/ global
( IP. On that router i have port 25 forwarded to the main
server with qmail ( The domain  (uclmd.net) is
pointed to like this:


1. mail. rxvkt.net   A,

2. rxvkt.net          MX       10:mail.rxvkt.net,

3. rxvkt.net            A


(I think that this is correct, but im not sure.)



So i dont how to configure qmail around setting host with './config',
becouse when i do './config' it shows me this:


Your hostname is bsd.rxvkt.net.

hard error

Sorry, I couldn't find your host's canonical name in DNS.

You will have to set up control/me yourself.


(i expected this problem, because server is behind NAT.)



So, i tried './config-fast rxvkt.net', and it shows me this:

Your fully qualified host name is rxvkt.net.

Putting dealer.si into control/me...

Putting dealer.si into control/defaultdomain...

Putting dealer.si into control/plusdomain...

Putting dealer.si into control/locals...

Putting dealer.si into control/rcpthosts...

Now qmail will refuse to accept SMTP messages except to rxvkt.net.

Make sure to change rcpthosts if you add hosts to locals or virtualdomains!



The point is, that qmail doesnt want to deliver any mail and i think that
problem is maybe here.




Thank you for answer,

Have a nice day


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