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Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Mon Jun 12 14:00:07 UTC 2006

> Dear all,
> i have some partition questions in freebsd installation!
> my harddisk(40G FAT32) :
> c:\ (primary 10G windows XP root)
> d:\ (logical 5G with data)
> e:\ (logical 5G with data)
> f:\ (logical 10G with data)
> g:\ (logical 10G empty)
> so i want to release 500MB from "d:\" for the second primary partition
> and then put the freebsd "/" on it, the other put to "g:\" just like the
> belows:
> windows xp mode
> c:\ (primary 10G windows XP root)
> d:\ (logical 4.5G with data) ====> 500MB for freebsd "/" (second primary
> "ad0s2")
> e:\ (logical 5G with data)
> f:\ (logical 10G with data)
> cannot see the g:\ ==========> used by /var /usr /swap
> is it ok??? but i don't know how to create the "ad0s2"??? and edit the g:\
> for /var, /usr, /swap???

Well, sort of OK.   I would not be inclined to put a FreeBSD slice
right in the middle of your MS logical drives.   But, I think you
could do it.   

Secondly, I don't know what just having 500 MB for a FreeBSD '/' would
get you.   It would not be enough to run FreeBSD.   But, probably you
haven't told the whole story.   Something else must be there.  Anyway,
I would be inclined to take the FreeBSD slice out of that empty GB
space that currently shows up as g: on you Microsloth system.

> any disk edit tool can do it???

I have successfully used Partition Magic for this sort of thing.  
It is available at not too high a price from most places that
sell software.    As long as all the MS stuff is FAT, I think
there are some free tools that will work too, but I haven't used
them so can not attest to their effectiveness or reliability.
A couple come with the FreeBSD distribution.   But, the free tools
do not handle NTFS which is why I haven't used them.

You will first need to use the disk tool such as Partition Magic
to shrink the existing structures and put a new primary slice in
the space.   

Then, when you run the FreeBSD install, you have it mark the slice as 
a FreeBSD slice.  Up until that point, it is not really a FreeBSD ad0s2,
just some generic space.    Partition Magic does not know how to mark
the slice (which it calls a primary partition, using MS terminology)
as a FreeBSD slice.    So FreeBSD's fdisk does it.   (Even if you
use sysinstall to write the slice, it really just calls fdisk)

Good luck,


> thank you very much
> steve (come from hong kong)
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