Garrett Cooper youshi10 at
Mon Jun 12 00:15:45 UTC 2006

On Jun 11, 2006, at 3:07 PM, NgD Vulto wrote:

> I just hate when it happens.
> I am here on tty1, then I go to tty2...3...and It's ok, but if I keep
> changing the tty, sometimes when I change the tty it freezes, my  
> screen gets
> black, and my cpu leds start to blink.
> Specially when I am on X and I want to go to some tty1.
> There are systems that have a "sleep" function which when pressed  
> the sleep
> button of the keyboard it waits the "wake up" button to wake up, it  
> seems to
> me like it's sleeping, but the wake up button doesn't work, neither I
> pressed the sleep button.
> I was using the FeeBSD 6.0 and I thought it was a bug, but now I am  
> using
> the freebsd 6.1 and It still bothers me.
> Somehow I believe I did not lose the system's control, I believe  
> it's just
> waiting me to call it up again, just don't know how, and I wonder  
> why it
> happens.
> If I wasn't too clear, ask me anything and I can make it clear :)
> PS: My computer is new and it's all ok, I do use linux also and I  
> had never
> any kind of problem like that there, I'm totally sure It's not my  
> hardware,
> when I say I am totally sure, I really mean it.
> :)

Hardware specs? Computer maker (if there is one)?

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