NgD Vulto hugo.ngd at
Sun Jun 11 22:07:37 UTC 2006

I just hate when it happens.

I am here on tty1, then I go to tty2...3...and It's ok, but if I keep
changing the tty, sometimes when I change the tty it freezes, my screen gets
black, and my cpu leds start to blink.

Specially when I am on X and I want to go to some tty1.

There are systems that have a "sleep" function which when pressed the sleep
button of the keyboard it waits the "wake up" button to wake up, it seems to
me like it's sleeping, but the wake up button doesn't work, neither I
pressed the sleep button.

I was using the FeeBSD 6.0 and I thought it was a bug, but now I am using
the freebsd 6.1 and It still bothers me.

Somehow I believe I did not lose the system's control, I believe it's just
waiting me to call it up again, just don't know how, and I wonder why it

If I wasn't too clear, ask me anything and I can make it clear :)

PS: My computer is new and it's all ok, I do use linux also and I had never
any kind of problem like that there, I'm totally sure It's not my hardware,
when I say I am totally sure, I really mean it.


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