FreeBSD Boot Problem on Multiple HDDs

Sean M. sigma_zk at
Sun Jun 11 06:38:30 UTC 2006

I just did my first ever bit of hardware hacking--salvaging a 6GB HDD
from a useless computer and installing it as a slave--and went and put
FreeBSD on it and a 3151MB partition on the master drive, which already
had Windows 2000 Professional SP1. Here is how I chopped up the disks:

ad0s1: FAT32 W2K (I have since converted to NTFS)
ad0s2: /, swap, /tmp, /etc, and /var
ad1s1: /usr

The problem is that I can't start FreeBSD. When I get to the boot
loader, I see:

F2 FreeBSD
F5 Disk 1

Pressing <F2> starts the typical hardware listing, then I see:

Manual root filesystem specification

And the crux of the problem is that I can't type anything because the
keyboard is frozen! What can I do here?

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