Playstation emulator

NgD Vulto hugo.ngd at
Sun Jun 11 03:15:37 UTC 2006

-bash-2.05b$ whereis epsxe
epsxe: /usr/X11R6/bin/epsxe
-bash-2.05b$ epsxe
-bash-2.05b$ /usr/X11R6/bin/epsxe
-bash-2.05b$ ps -aux |grep epsxe
userxx 11143  0.0  0.2  1512   888  p6  S+    3:01PM   0:00.00 grep epsxe

I'd like to know what I'm doing wrong since I see no interface, it just
returns nothing and quit automatically.

I have no playstation graphic bios downloaded, but I think it should at
least give me an interface right?

I do have my original ps1 cds backuped as ISO inside my hd and so I'm not
with the cd inside the driver...since I intend to run my ISO.

The question is what should I do?

Even if the problem would be that I have no graphic bios downloaded I
wouldn't know where to store the bios files.

I've tried to search on google but I got no useful results to me, most of
them were talking to linux users and there seems to work ok with no extra

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