Filesystem using tags, not folders?

Kyrre Nygard kyrreny at
Fri Jun 9 15:06:09 UTC 2006

At 18:50 09.06.2006, Martin Tournoy wrote:
>On Fri, 09 Jun 2006 14:40:06 -0000, Kyrre Nygard <kyrreny at>
>>Just a wild thought here ...
>>After noticing how much simpler it is using tags, for instance
>>with my bookmarks at -- compared to hours of
>>frustration trying find the right combination of folders and
>>sub folders in my Firefox' bookmarks.html, I was wondering
>>if the same approach could be used to arrange the UNIX filesystem
>>hierarchy, from the root and up. This is just a radical thought,
>>not yet an idea even -- but if somebody would be willing to think
>>with me -- maybe we could make a big change.
>>All the best,
>I suppose it could work, then again, folders also work, and having tags
>would basicly be the same as having folders.
>I don't really see any advantage...
>I believe microsoft is planning something like this for their new
>filesystem, winfs....

Cool, at least you're not asking me to seek help!

Well, the thing about UNIX hierarchies is that they are overly complex.
Different locations for similar things, same locations for different things,
duplicates, unnecessary abbreviations and acronyms and so on and
so forth. From an architect's (a real architect's) point of view the typical
UNIX hierarchy looks to be structured by some kind of confused creature.

Using tags to arrange files instead of folders, files could have multiple
tags if they have multiple purposes. And one wouldn't have to design --
and most people don't know how to design -- a proper hierarchical
solution everytime something new arrives. Maybe this would even clear
up some of the hardships revolving around registries and libraries.

Keep it coming!

All the best,

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