fsck way too slow

Andrea Venturoli ml.diespammer at netfence.it
Fri Jun 9 14:40:27 UTC 2006

Chuck Swiger wrote:

> Andrea Venturoli wrote:
>>>> Just to clarify: running "fsck /" (read-only) in multiuser mode 
>>>> takes less than a minute. fsck at boot takes approx. 50 times that 
>>>> long!
>>> ...and yes, that difference is not reasonable.  Are you using bgfsck 
>>> or not...?
>> Hm, what do you mean?
>> I'd gladly let my system fsck in background after boot, but it won't 
>> do that on a root partition, as mentioned somewhere else on this thread.
>> However, apart from that, I've set everything up according to this 
>> wish of mine (i.e. I enabled softupdates and I did not put 
>> background_fsck="NO" in my /etc/rc.conf).
> Try turning off background fsck and see whether it does better, the next 
> time the system comes back up after an unclean shutdown.  I think bgfsck 
> has some kind of built-in throttling to avoid doing too much I/O, which 
> may not be working quite right in this case, causing it to simply hang 
> out mostly idle rather than finishing the filesystem check.

So, I think I came to an end investigating this:
_ putting 'background_fsck="NO"' in /etc/rc.conf won't help (fsck would 
anyway run foreground in any case);
_ tuning the filesystem to turn off softupdates solved it.

I guess we could mark this as a bug; do you think I should send-pr about it?

  bye & Thanks

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