Firefox crashes and hangs my 6.1R system

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Thu Jun 8 11:01:56 UTC 2006

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> >Try to reproduce the above described behaviour and jump over with
> >gdb. Sort of:
> >
> >gdb /usr/X11R6/lib/firefox/firefox-bin <pid-of-firefox-bin>
> >(... wait)
> >(gdb) t a a bt full
> Excuse my ignorance - I take it I need to
> 	o start firefox normally
> 	o run gdb as above
> 	o invoke the crash situation

1. If I were you, I'd go for the safer path and assure myself that I
don't use a system (OS & apps) built with unusual compiler flags.
2. Try to use a pre-built Ff package from and see if
the problem still occurs.
3. Actually, to get a core file, the steps are:
- as a regular user open a console, make sure you are in a directory
with write permissions (${HOME} is ok) and launch firefox 
- open another console, note the pid of firefox-bin and type the above
command (gdb /path/to/ff-bin pid) but don't press Enter yet
- try to fry the CPU again. If succeeded, press Enter in the gdb
console and get a full backtrace.
- alternately, if you can't attach to the process, try to send SIGABRT
when it goes crazy.

> 	o then ... ?
> I'm just hoping that there's enough cpu left to save something at that
> point!
> >> options         SCHED_ULE               # ULE scheduler
> >
> >Do you need SCHED_ULE? Try SCHED_4BSD instead, Ff is very picky when
> >it comes to threads.
> I probably don't - I added this after reading /usr/src/sys/conf/NOTES
> and it hadn't bitten me until maybe now.  I'll recompile the kernel
> with SCHED_4BSD before I carry on.

You should also consider rebuilding Firefox without optimizations.
Trying to use compiler optimizations for Gecko-based applications is the
perfect recipe for trouble :)

Adi Pircalabu (PGP Key ID 0x04329F5E)

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