Makefile for rpm-4.0.4_4

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Wed Jun 7 10:49:11 PDT 2006

solsyst at writes:

> I connected to www., sherched for rpm and got to a page
> with several rpm ports that can be downloaded. Since O have FreeBSD
> 6.0 I figured I could go for the latehast rpm which is 4.0.4_4. So I
> first downloaded rpm4.tar, and put it in my /usr/rpm/rpm4/
> dir. rpm4.tar contains the makefile.Then I downloaded rpm-4.0.4_4.tbz
> and put it in my /usr/ports/ dir. But I could see that the make file
> was not interested in a tbz file so I connected to the internet and
> started make so it coul;d go get the file it wanted. Make did so.

The latter file was a pre-compiled binary package.  pkg_add(1) will
install it for you.

> I think I also unzipped the rpm-4.0.4_4 tbz file. Somehow I ended up
> with two sub-directories to my /usr/rpm/rpm4 directory They are Files
> and Work. The files Dir contains a bunch of patch files.
> From what you said about "a patch in the port skeleton which isn't
> appropriate to the
> source that had been un-tarred from rpm-4.0.4.tar.gz.", perhaps I
> should delete everything and start over with just the rpm4.tar file in
> my /usr/rpm/rpm4/ dir. Am I correct in thinking that the only file I
> need to untar is rpm4.tar, and when I execute the extracted make file
> and there is no other rpm stuff in my directories, MAKE INSTALL should
> work?

More or less.  But you don't seem to have the rest of the ports tree
installed on your system at all, which would keep it from working.

You will find this much easier if you try to follow the supported
procedures.  Please see the FreeBSD Handbook's documentation on the
subject at 

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