Heavy creation and deletion of symlinks

Dag Rune Sneeggen dud at dudcore.net
Wed Jun 7 02:54:19 UTC 2006

I am currently planning an FTP-based service which requires a custom 
application to run which will create hundreds (if not thousands) of 
symlinks in various directories per hour. There will probably also be a 
cronjob running to delete symlinks periodically.

The main purpose of the server will be medium to heavy traffic FTP serving.

So my question is; how does such activity affect the general health and 
operation of FreeBSD? Also, the health of the harddrive(s) which will most 
likely be SATA disks.
It is my understanding that symlinks only affects the file allocation 
table, and not the physical data blocks? This would mean that the impact 
isn't so terrible, as the changes will be contained to a relatively small 
part of the beginning of the disk, correct?


Dag Rune Sneeggen
Romolslia 23B
7029 Trondheim
dud at dudcore.net

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