How to set up private gateway server with specific features

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Wed Jun 7 01:45:22 UTC 2006

I have a new freebsd6.1-stable install

I've almost got it configured the way I want it.

Except Ive got a couple of problems and dont see what to do about it.

requirements I cant figure out how to do are:

specific setup issues are I have two nics and one is named red, and the 
other green, as you can imagine the red one is out to the internet, and 
the green one is the internal net.

green ip =

red ip = DHCP

1.  I need a dhcp server on the green net that can update the dns 
server automatically when a dhcp lease is accepted.

2.  The freebsd server needs to be able to be a dns server for the 
green net and forward other requests to the nameserver obtained from 
the DHCP setup.

3.  the dns server needs to be setup to look to itself for name 
resolution first so that it can resolve names of internal clients as 
well as external ones.

4.  Id like to be able to assign the same ip address from the dhcp pool 
to the same host for testing purposes when building new servers.

I find that configuring the dhcp server to assign the same lease via 
hostname works better than configuring temporary hostnames.

WHAT I've done so far...

I already know how to configure dnsmasq to do both the dns and dhcp 
part of my requirements and that is currently setup and running. except 
that the server is not looking to itself for name resolution first.

Ive used dnsmasq before and in this setup it requires that the dhcp 
client that runs on the red interface NOT create a new /etc/resolv.conf 
but instead create that file in some other defined location like 

dnsmasq can then be configured to look to the other resolv.conf for 
domains which are not local, and the server looks to dnsmasq for its 
own name resolution because I've hardcoded its own static internal ip 
in /etc/resolv.conf

using the default dhclient, I can not configure it to NOT replace the 
/etc/resolv,conf and instead replace some other file. (actually I could 
get by with just NOT replacing /etc/resolv.conf and I can hardcode the 
other one, but dhclient just doesnt seem to have this feature.)  yes I 
read the man page!

I cant not seem to get any dhcp server Ive used (isc-dhcp-server, and 
dnsmasq build-in) to properly read the hostname and send the same ip 
address each time.

seems that one of my freebsd clients does not report its hostname to 
the dhcp server in the way I expect.

assume a fqdn of

windows boxes and some unix boxes report to the dhcp server a hostname 
of "myhost", but my dhcp server couldnt match to a client hostname of 
"myhost" and serve out the IP I requested.  I altered the dhcp server 
to expect a hostname of the full fqdn, but it didnt match on that 

so what "hostname" does dhclient report when its trying to get an ip address.

For security reasons I dont want to use bind.  so I looked at using 
tinydns and dnscache, that sort of worked, but again I couldn't make 
the dhcp server update the DNS database.

dnsmasq works because it is its own dhcp server. so the name server 
portion automatically reads the dhcp leases database when answering 

Has anyone else been able to set this up with these requirements?

Im stuck taking this server to the "next level" all my internet sharing 
and such works now, so it isnt a major issue, but I'd to fix it just 
the same ( if for no other reason than a learning process)

Thanks for suggestions

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