Dial Up To ASDL Router

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Your post is missing a lot of description. I will try to fill in the
missing info.

Your general wish is to use your personal mobile phone and connect
it to your work provided laptop which is running win/xp and be able
to dial a landline phone number to your FreeBSD server which is
currently connected to the public internet over a 24/7 ADSL line.

You need hardware to do this. The laptop needs a winmodem with a
telecom phone line that connects to your mobile phone. If your
mobile phone does not have i/o jack which most do not, you are dead
in the water. You could still plug the laptop winmodem telecom phone
line into any hotel or airport public access port and dial the
landline phone number to your FreeBSD server.

Your home FreeBSD server would need a separate FreeBSD modem (IE not
winmodem) and you would use "user ppp" to answer the incoming call.
In this mode your home FreeBSD server would be acting as an gateway
LAN box so your dial in connection could have access to your
internet connection to public internet.

Speed of this laptop/modem to server/modem is limited to 33k under
best conditions as 56k is only possible when connecting to ISP which
supports 56k. Speed over mobile would be considerable slower.

Configuring "user ppp" for dial in support is covered in the install
guide at www.a1poweruser.com
give it a read for the details.

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I've been given a company laptop which is ok but they dont supply
cards. Instead I have been given a 0845 number to dial when at a
with no Internet.

Instead I would like to use my mobile to dial my home phone number
is not 0845 therefore included in the thousands of free minutes that
get each month.

The only thing that is on in my house is the Freebsd server so how
can I
set this up to use the dial up modem to answer the phone and connect
to the Internet through the ADSL it is plugged into.

I've googled but as I dont know what this type of software is called
didn't find much. Anyone know of any software that will do this?

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