how to avoid recompiling applications?

Alex Zbyslaw xfb52 at
Mon Jun 5 12:43:03 PDT 2006

Donald J. O'Neill wrote:

>On Monday 05 June 2006 09:49, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
>>Jonathan Horne <jhorne at> writes:
>>>so, could i theoretically use 'make reinstall' on a fresh system
>>>where the port had never been previously installed?
>>Maybe, maybe not.  If "make install" doesn't work because there's
>>already a .install_done...  file in the work directory, then
>>reinstall will be what you need.
>The answer is: when he installs the ports, make a package using "make 
>package". Unfortunately, this doesn't make a package for ports required 
>for that port, But, "make package-recursive" would, with the exception 
>of certain ports, and he can get around that if he's clever enough. 
>Another thing he can do is: use "pkg_create -b 
><some-port-already-installed>" and save it somewhere. Then he can 
>do "pkg_add <that-saved-port.tbz>" and get that port and the required 
>dependencies. If he's missing a dependency, oh well, guess what.
portupgrade -pr works a treat:

     --package              Build a package when each specified port is
                            installed or upgraded.  If a package is upgraded
                            and its dependent packages are given from 
the com-
                            mand line (including the case where -r is speci-
                            fied), build packages for them as well.

combined with pkg_create -b for already installed stuff and you should 
never have to compile the same version of a port more than once.


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