how to avoid recompiling applications?

Donald J. O'Neill donaldj.fbsd at
Mon Jun 5 10:17:31 PDT 2006

On Monday 05 June 2006 09:49, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
> Jonathan Horne <jhorne at> writes:
> > so, could i theoretically use 'make reinstall' on a fresh system
> > where the port had never been previously installed?
> Maybe, maybe not.  If "make install" doesn't work because there's
> already a .install_done...  file in the work directory, then
> reinstall will be what you need.
> _______________________________________________

I think a fresh system, where a port has never been installed, would not 
have a work directory in that port, so "make install" would work unless 
the port is broken. Using "make reinstall" in a port on a system that 
has been freshly reinstalled isn't going to save the OP anytime by 
avoiding recompiling ports, they'll be recompiled. How to save time is 
what he asked about, as he tends to experiment with this system and 
screw it up, requiring a reinstall from scratch. He also said that 
using "pkg_add -r" with, say kde, always tends to have something wrong 
with it.

The answer is: when he installs the ports, make a package using "make 
package". Unfortunately, this doesn't make a package for ports required 
for that port, But, "make package-recursive" would, with the exception 
of certain ports, and he can get around that if he's clever enough. 

Another thing he can do is: use "pkg_create -b 
<some-port-already-installed>" and save it somewhere. Then he can 
do "pkg_add <that-saved-port.tbz>" and get that port and the required 
dependencies. If he's missing a dependency, oh well, guess what.


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