shmget: No space on device (sshit)

David King dking at
Mon Jun 5 11:15:19 PDT 2006

>> I have all of the IPC-related sysctls listed below. I do see that
>> kern.ipc.shmmni is set to 192, and that kern.ipc.semmni is set to 10.
>> Are those the maximums? What does MNI mean in those names? Is there a
>> man page or recommended document that describes what these mean in
>> detail?
> ipcs -M or /usr/src/sys/conf/NOTES
> I believe the "mni" portion is "maximum number of identifiers".

ipcs -M shows:
         shmmax: 134217728       (max shared memory segment size)
         shmmin:       1 (min shared memory segment size)
         shmmni:     192 (max number of shared memory identifiers)
         shmseg:     128 (max shared memory segments per process)
         shmall:    8192 (max amount of shared memory in pages)

So yes, it had definitely reached its max.

So I used ipcrm to remove all of the shared memory segments, and the  
problem seems to have cleared up for now. A few rounds of simulating  
failed logins to sshit shows that it does allocate shared memory  
segments, and every time it adds an IP address it seems to allocate a  
new shared memory segment instead of finding the old one.

But from here it looks like an issue to take up with the developer,  
since it seems to be a bug. Thanks Bill for your help!

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