shmget: No space on device (sshit)

Bill Moran wmoran at
Mon Jun 5 09:53:11 PDT 2006

On Sun, 4 Jun 2006 21:18:50 -0700
David King <dking at> wrote:

> I have all of the IPC-related sysctls listed below. I do see that  
> kern.ipc.shmmni is set to 192, and that kern.ipc.semmni is set to 10.  
> Are those the maximums? What does MNI mean in those names? Is there a  
> man page or recommended document that describes what these mean in  
> detail?

ipcs -M or /usr/src/sys/conf/NOTES

I believe the "mni" portion is "maximum number of identifiers".

Bill Moran
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