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>> On Sat, 3 Jun 2006 12:09:50 +0200, 
>> "Maan Jee" <maanjee at> said:

M> I wanna build a super duper FreeBSD web server box with apache2, mysql5,
M> php, etc.  But I am just unsure about what kind of hardware I should buy
M> since I am not having a big budget but do have a reasonable....

   Have a look at the Ars Technica system guide, updated every few months:
   Ars System Guide: April 2006 edition
   Brian Won
   Sunday, April 16, 2006

   Recommendations come in the form of three hypothetical computers.

   Budget Box: This puppy is dedicated to finding the least expensive
   options possible while still giving you full functionality.  The Budget
   Box may sound cheap, but it's not.  It's simply inexpensive jet power,
   priced at under US$800.

   Hot Rod: This one's been juiced up, but with limited funds.  Think of
   the auto hobbyist.  He may not buy the fastest car out there, but he
   does the best he can with what he's got.  We try to keep the Hot Rod
   under US$1,600.

   God Box: This is for the guy who has just won the lottery, or whose
   company is funding the purchase (same thing).
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