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Sat Jun 3 13:15:50 PDT 2006

VeeJay wrote:
> Thanks for your advice.
> Almost all pages will be generated dynamically (php).
> Bandwidth is ADSL with 1Mb Upstream and 24Mb Downstream.
> (Don't know if it is enough?)

First, your speed is likely 1Mbit and not 1Mbyte (1Mb)

You can make some rough estimates once you have your site running and
know how much an average page is. But, (almost) any system that you can
get hands on today will be able to serve your site.

Generally: If people have to wait more than 10 sec for a page to load,
it's too slow.

> Traffic is like going to grow upto 50000 hits or more a day. Since I am
> building an article liberary.
> How can I implement Apache Proxy or Squid Proxy?

You need to build Apache WITH_PROXY_MODULE=yes then configure, see the
apache documentation, it is fairly thorough. Squid is also in ports. I
suggest you leave it til you have your site up running and see the

> How can I make the server more robust?

The answer is not a "one-liner". You should really get hands on the
great manuals on hardening both system and services.

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