Does FreeBSD 4.11-STABLE support the 8237R?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at
Sat Jun 3 16:33:36 PDT 2006

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>> >notice this thread is in reference to swapping a MB for
>another MB and
>> >coments like yours are not appreciated.
>> >
>> >
>> >Please notice I never said what the box was doing nor did I
>ask for your
>> >opinion of what MB/NIC I use in my systems.
>> Makes no difference, he has as much right to sound off as you do
>> as long as he sounds off on FreeBSD or a directly related topic.  This
>> is a public forum.  If you don't like a post, delete it.
>So, I guess that means that the original poster can spout off
>and say that
>the response contained irrelevant and offensive material if he
>wants as well.

Yes, he can.  Not a problem as long as he knows that his spouting
is being done for his own enjoyment, not because he seriously thinks
that he's right.  From my vantage point, it sounded like the OP was
really believing what he was saying.

>Getting those types of responses is one way that persons (at
>least some of
>them who have sufficient perception) learn how to make appropriate and
>meaningful responses.

appropriate and meaningful responses are in the eye of the beholder
as I already explained.  Too bad you missed that.

>> As I've said before on this mailing list, freebsd-questions
>is a public
>> mailing list that is FREE support.  You don't "have it your way" you
>> "have it the responders way"
>And the original poster subsequently became a responder.

See above.  Then look up the definition of "metadiscussion"

>Pecuniary reward is not the only reason to learn how to make reasonable,
>meaningful responses that are to the point of the question and to be
>able to understand the difference.   Being able to post responses that
>are respected in the community is another reward and may occasionally
>require learning from peoples comments on the quality of the responses.

Yup, I really need that totally unverifyable, most likely fake pen name
of mine
to be respected in the community. :-)  Wow, someone might even think I'm
a man, rather than the sweet, nubile, available, and very hetrosexual
 22 year old co-ed that I really am ;-)


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